Frontend Re-United

Frontend United is the most comfy, people-first, non-profit Frontend conference in the world. We took a swing at improving inclusiveness and reaching more people around the globe remotely. We reached out to the community and found a lot of locations that are willing to host Frontend Re-United events.

What does this Re-United mean?

We scaled up the conference in an unconventional way, by organising remote locations around the world. We labeled these “Frontend Re-United”,  where the “re” hints to remotely united, but sounds like “reunited” as in coming together again, but in a different way. 

Attendees of the remote events, participate online with questions and have their own booklets with a customised set of sessions with local and live streamed sessions. Remote attendees have localised T-shirts, adapted to show a local sponsor.

Our aim is to connect frontend developers and designers from all kinds of backgrounds closer together to share knowledge, experiences and ideas. It is our hope and dream that this digital waving, can one day turn in to physical handshakes.


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