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How we sell tickets

The two conference days, Friday & Saturday, will consist of two tracks filled to the brim with energetic sessions and thought-provoking topics.

  • Conference tickets are available for only €250 for the full two day experience. Note that lunch is not included, but we will schedule a break to give everyone the opportunity to get out and buy some tasty food (there's a restaurant in the venue and it's a five minute walk to other restaurants).
  • For students we have a huge discount; you can attend the full conference for only €90, but you will have to bring your student card to the conference.
  • Live-stream tickets are available for only €92,50 per day. This ticket gives you (remote) access to a high-quality unique livestream that you can watch from home or work. This is a great way to attend the live event even if you are unable to travel to Utrecht due to parenting, costs, work, or whatever other reason you might have. Find out more around live-stream tickets

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Or become a community sponsor!

Want to show us some love? And become one of those amazing sponsors that make Frontend United 2019 happen? For only €500 you become one out of 25 community sponsors. And apart from a lot of exposure (and mutual love) you will get one conference ticket included! For yourself to attend Frontend United, or for you to rattle on social media (and gain even more exposure).

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Just like our previous editions will we be organising a few world-class workshops on the Thursday (16 May). Which workshop do you choose?

Workshop tickets are sold separately from the conference tickets. Workshop tickets are also limited, so make sure to get your tickets in time.

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